Hey, it's I-No giving you some news, some laughs, and some reasons to sign restraining orders!!! First off, I'm doing this while DC is at the hospital. She got hit by a truck, but she's OK. Next- A thing I call the random video thing. Johnny Fever and the phone cops- yes!

thumb|300px|rightAnd now, our featured program!

Minifig apoligez to PS. She goes, "OK." Mick says to "Carmen, Carmen, my sweet, will you have me back?"

She says, "NO. After you treat me like salami, why should I even LOOK at you?" He says, "But Carmen, dear, sweet Carmen, I can't live without you. I'll be miserable." She grins and says, "Let me put you out of your misery." With a crack of the gun, it is finished. The tortured soul that was Mick is no more. His blood spills out over the land. The only thing the others say comes from DC's Master CLU. He goes, "Strange chizz, man." DC hands him a shirt and he puts it back on. DF says "I hear sirens." Suddenly, the peaceful air of the midwestern estate is split by the sound of a police car approaching. DC's Master CLU says, "What's going on?" Aeryka replies, "You IDIOT! It's police sirens! We gotta hide the evidence!" Everyone picks up Mick's stone cold body. Suddenly, a figure emerges from the car. He says, "This junk never happens at Nookipedia." It's none other than SA! He looks at Flynn and says, "You still haven't gotten the rogue program in chains?" Soupness says, "So noone wants to PLAY?????" SA says some junk. DC says, A good catholic never says THOSE words. SA says, I ain't a Catholic. Clu, you got 1 minute to get yo hide offa this land. PS says, this is my land. You can't do this! Then, SA shows PS a document where it shows that he bought this land. He says, Now all you fleabags had bettah leave NOW! SCRAM! Suddenly, two shots ring out. A99 apears. SA leans back in suprise. Suddenly, tanks appear. They flatten AKA and Flynn. PS says, We gotta move! So all of a sudden, John Forsythe appears. THE END. FOR NOW.