Hey everyone, it's I-No giving you the buzz on why its best not to sue! First off, Lots of comments on the first 2. Carmen came up with a GREAT idea and it got into this one. + sympathy makes Daimon go splatto on the floor. Now, it's the beast video, WKRP! thumb|right|400px|Geeky fun.

And Now- Carmen's award winning WTHIT3!!!

Everyone runs. For hours. There are numb legs. Painful glutes. Master CLU's rock-hard abs. (note: DC said that.) and a mystery no one may be able to solve. Suddenly, we stop at a gas station.

Soupness: What is a Han-Dee Hugo? Clu: I don't know. Is there water there? Dragonfree: (pants) I don't know but I need water and NOW! PS: Uhh, yah? A sudden rush into the store. DC: Uhh, guys? Where's Carmen and Minifig? PS: Everyone search EVERYWHERE for them and hurry!

A toxic gas gets into the air and the crew gets knocked out. Areyka, Flynn, and A99 toss the four into a pick-up truck and quickly drove away.


Carmen wakes up in the corner of a mysterious room from a deep sleep finding a black eye and scratches all over her arm and a swollen black and blue ankle

Carmen: Where am I? Hello? Anyone here? SA: I'm with you Carmen. Carmen: SA? Where am I? What happened to me? How did I get this black eye, swollen ankle, and all these scratches? How did I get here? SA: You ask too many questions. I like that babe! Now hush up and........(moves towards Carmen's lips) Carmen: (screams) WHAT IS WORNG WITH YOU! GET AWAY.

SA leans into Carmen and they start kissing. Minifig walks in to see this and Carmen trying to get away.

Minifig: STOP! SA: Come on Minifig I was in the middle of something. Go away. (moves over to Minifig) Carmen: Minifig!

Carmen tries to go over to Minifig and can't get up. Minifig notices her ankle messed up. Minifig kicks SA (where boys should NOT be kicked) and picks up Carmen.

Minifig: I am getting you out of here. We are getting you to a hospital.

Carmen: Thanks for saving me (kisses Minifig on the cheek)

Minifig and Carmen find a forest and the two went in and looked for a place to sit down. The two start making out.


CLU: Has anyone noticed it's really quiet? PS: Yes. It's nice, right? CLU: I like cities better. DC: I was a leash child. CLU: What's that? Aeryka and Flynn: We've got you guys now! Dragonfree: I thought you were dead!

The crew sees A99 on a lab bed with a mind control helmet on making her become one of them

Dragonfree: What are you doing to her?

Next time see what happens to Carmen, Minifig and A99. Will Minifig and Carmen become a couple? Or will SA get Carmen to be his girlfriend? Find out next time in What the heck is this... episode 4!