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  • I live in Virginia
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Gamer, Student, Writer, Athlete, Theatre Geek
  • I am Female (woot-woot!)
  • ILoveMint247

    Well, hey there everybody! This is my first personal blog on the Animal Crossing Wiki, and guess what it's all about? Villagers! Yeah, that's right! Villagers! I feel the need to share which villagers are living in my town, right now!!!! My town's name is Canatown, and it's on Wild World. :3 I WAS going to provide you with some delicious Fanart, but...... I can't draw worth shit.

    So, here we go......

    (((Notice: This blog is subject to change, as different villagers move in & out of Canatown.)))

    Well, here's how it is- I basically ADORE Squirrel characters. You could call it an obsession, maybe. But, Pecan is pretty cool. She reminds me of Mint a bit (MY FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER.), but I sorta see her as Mint's older/younger sister...?

    Lately, …

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