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K.K. Slider songs and moods guide for beginners

Below is a list of moods for K.K. Slider songs:

Good!/Happy: Most of these songs are awesome or happy-sounding.

A little sad.: Most of these songs have nostalgic or gloomy feels, hence the use of "A little sad".

Lazy: Most of these songs are either relaxed like Aloha K.K., or a mix between the "Good!" and "A little sad" moods like I Love You, K.K. Love Song, or Mr. K.K.

Grumpy: Most of these songs sound intimidating or grumpy.

Hard to say.: These songs are plain or neutral sounding, but ones like Agent K.K. and K.K. Gumbo have a mix between the "Grumpy" and "Lazy" moods.

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