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Animal Crossing New Leaf Xmas 2013

I know it is probably later than everyone else but i'm upgrading from my DSi and ACWild World to a 3DS XL and New Leaf this christmas and couldnt be happier!

I just can't wait to unbox it in all it's glory and see the familiar start up screen and music that just owns my heart , reinvented in a new and better way. All my beautiful residents i know and love are back and better than ever and there will be so much more for me to do and explore. 

I love Wild World and also enjoyed playing Lets go to The City but i think New Leaf will out do them both, I just found that I had gotten as far as i could with Wild World and just didn't enjoy playing Animal Crossing on the Wii as much as i did on the DS. 

Some of the features i am looking forward to the most are: 

  • Being the mayor and being in control of building the main street and projects in the community.
  • Being able to remodel your house and choosing where you want it built.
  • All the AMAZING new shops, villagers and items available!
  • Awesome new graphics 
  • Being able to work at the Roost and having the tropico island.

Being able to wake up on a hot summers morning and turn on my new 3DS and walk around with my residents is going to be something I will savour! Especially the new eShop and having a whole new game to get used to and build from the ground up.

All i want to say is thankyou nintendo,  thankyou for restoring my love for the game that is animal crossing...

Because remember ...

Its not a game...... it's a way of life!

p.s please leave any tips/tricks you have for New Leaf especially about how to earn money and upgrade!

Thanks and tune in every sunday for a blog post and resident rating! x JerryLover 

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