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  • I live in Fussa, Tokyo, Japan
  • My occupation is 13 Year older brother and child 7th grade.
  • I am Male
  • Kazuya012

    My Normal House

    July 27, 2014 by Kazuya012

    I've been making my house on Animal Crossing New Leaf and I've got three rooms Fully expaneded 1st floor small upstairs and small left side.

    The 1st floor is my living room and right now it looks like this (see top picture)

    as you can see I dont have much furniture, I'm looking for the modern series mostly.

    The next is my Bedroom aka the top floor. (see middle picture) I'm thinking of adding some

    modern end tables and replaing the floor and wallpaper to modern wood just like the living room

    lastly (for now) we have the bathroom (see bottom picture) As you can see I only have the shower 

    stall and I need a toliet and some fitting wallpaper as well as a sink.

    If you have any tips please tell me so I can make this better.* (*HAS TO BE NORMAL LIKE RE…

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