I was not going to rant about this, but I can't take it anymore! Justin Bieber is everywhere I turn! It's driving me crazy!!! Before the reasons on why I hate Justin Bieber, it's not "cuz im jelus, lol", nor is it "jb iz leik a gurl".

I hate Justin Bieber because he is simply used for propoganda of the media. You can literally put his face on ANYTHING and any preteen girl will rush for it and buy it without a second thought. He is like any other old Hollywood pop star, and will end up just like Aaron Carter and the Back Street Boys, living in a ditch somewhere, lucky to even get a gig at an eleven-year-old's birthday party. Sad but true, he will end up like anyone else who ever trusted Hollywood. And people call him a music LEGEND. How so? Because last I checked, a music legend has to withstand the test of time, like the Beatles, Micheal Jackson, or Metallica.

All of his songs are NOT about love, they have nothing to do with love. The feelings that he describes in all of his songs is nothing but shallow infaturation. All of his songs are the same filtered garbage that's been fed to us for years. Justin Bieber is basically a blank void, and while many girls think he is singing sincerely to all of his loyal fanbase, he doesn't care, all he, and anything else with Justin Bieber's face on it, wants is money. That's what it all comes down to. The worst part is, he has his entire fanbase duped into thinking that he indeed cares about every single one of his fans.

And when you call someone a "hater" for the reasons of being jealous of him, I say to you "PFFFFFT" most of those "haters" are probably just trolls anyway.