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bugs in NF pt 2 cicadas


japanese name scientific name found rarity cost
empress cicada テイオウゼミ Pomponia imperatoria on trees summer uncommon-rare 5000 bells
bear cicada クマゼミ Cryptotympana fascialis on trees summer rare 1000 bells
robust cicada ミンミンゼミ Oncotympana maculaticollis on trees summer common 600 bells
periodical cicada ジュウシチネンゼミ Magicicada septimdecim on trees,few days during summer but extremely common very common 500 bells
brown cicada アブラゼミ Graptopsaltria nigrofuscata on trees summer common 600 bells
evening cicada ヒグラシ or カナカナ Tanna japonensis on trees summer common 400 bells
walker cicada ツクツクボーシ Meimuna opalifera on trees summer uncommon 400 bells
small cicada イワサキクサゼミ Mogannia minuta on sugar cane/bamboo summer uncommon-common 500 bells
kaempfer cicada ニイニイゼミ Platypleura kaempferi on trees summer uncommon 500 bells
cicada larva セミのぬけがら unknown near cicadas,summer common 50 bells


  • even if the periodical cicada is found during a few days it is very common being found on every tree in the village
  • the cicada larva is not capturable by net,you pick it up

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