This wikia is mostly inactive. I say that sorta good.

I have over 15 people on over 5 wikias posting how the staff is. 

Insult people for liking something you don't. That gives this wikia a bad name.

I actually have to say thanks, now other wikias are more active. Everyone is moving to better wikias. 

Some may have insulted you, but there is no proof.

There is many proof of people on these wiki insulting other people.

Also baning them is making you look bad too. Proof you guess started that one. Than saying thing back. Bam! Banned for a long time.

Go ahead and ban me, too. I don't really care.

This is a thanks to letting people join other wikias.

There needs to be proof you were insulting, but there is none. Now everyone sees this as a bad wikia and want it gone, but instead they quit or just don't jump in.

Again, thanks for getting others on other wikias.