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  • LilPuppy13

    GWC Contract

    April 29, 2017 by LilPuppy13

    May 1st To June 1st, There will be a giveaway EVERY YEAR for the golden watering can

    So, Go to YouTube, and go on FlameFox's Channel, And Look For GOLDEN GIVEAWAY! And it should be There.

    Then, put your friend code in the comment section, and tell me what time you will be on ACNL.


    Monthly Tools
    January Golden Axe

    Golden Net

    March Golden Slingshot
    April Golden Shovel
    May Golden Can
    June Golden Rod

    Golden Slingshot

    August Golden Net
    September Golden Net
    October Golden Axe
    November Golden Rod
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  • LilPuppy13

    Golden Watering Can

    April 29, 2017 by LilPuppy13

    How To Get The Golden Watering Can In Animal Crossing New Leaf

    I will be giving out the golden watering can so for more info check the GWC Contract for details

    {This Wiki Has been Postponed}

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  • LilPuppy13

    Bug Trouble

    March 23, 2017 by LilPuppy13

    Oak Silk Moth

    Birdwing Butterfly

    Raja Brooke Butterfly

    Emporer Butterfly

    Peacock Butterfly

    Tiger Butterfly

    Monarch Butterfly

    Agrias Butterfly

    Lantern fly

    Yellow Butterfly

    Common Butterfly

    Petaltail Dragonfly

    Banded Dragonfly

    Darner Dragonfly

    Red Dragonfly

    Horned Hercules

    Golden Stag

    Horned Atlas

    Horned Elephant

    Cyclommatus Stag

    Goliath Beetle



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