Hi it's Lora Lorax, Okay so no one commented on the first one over bight but please comment ans tell your friends because if you have any question, any at all just comment or whatever and ask me it's simply and don't be afraid to ask your question just secret message me (if you can not sure, new to Animal Crossing Wiki) its that easy. I'm playing Animal Crossing City Folk atm (at the moment) but i accidentally got rid of Wild World but when I get my 2DS I will get Wild World (again) and New Leaf so i will have all of them, except the very first ones which i don't want to get because in my opinion i don't think there that good cos' they were made a long time ago but yeah. And DONT FORGET to go on Youtube and watch Animal Crossing New Leaf on ZackScottGames he is really funny and its really good. Oh and if you have any tips for any of the three games (Wild World, City Folk and New Leaf) just leave a comment to help me out and don't be afraid to ask a question. And in my opinion i think the 2DS is good and i know this because i watched some unboxing of the 2DS on Youtube and i think it's good but i personally prefer the white and red one cos' that's more girly in my prespective! That's it!!! :) LoraLorax is out!!!