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LoraLorax October 20, 2013 User blog:LoraLorax

Hi its LoraLorax,

I have chosen LoraLorax as my name because my name is Laura and my friends call me lorax because lora - x it has my name in it so yeah clever really.

Anywayz, i am soon going to get the 2DS and Animal Crossing New Leaf aswell, i have watched videos of people playing it and i really wanna get it. When i do i will post my Dream Code on here so you guys can visit my town, also please comment your Dream Codes so when i get New Leaf i can visit them!

Please watch ZactScottGames on Youtube because he plays Animal Crossing New Leaf and it is really amusing and he can help you out, and so can i so leave a question in the comment box and i will helpyou out! And if you need help with any of the other Animal Crossings like Wild World or City Folk i have played both of them so if you have any questions just comment them too!

Anyway, thats it! LoraLorax is out!!!! x

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