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    Species Pages.

    June 12, 2012 by Mai Is Me

    Hey, I already posted a page about species, but no one got back to me... -_- Anyways... I was curious why we needed to have "Villagers" and "Special Villagers" as part of the template, when it already shows it in the article? Like here, on the dog page:

    In the article it shows who the dog villagers are and all of the special ones, so is it really necessary for it to be in the template? The only thing that should really be on there is the first appearance and how many are in each particular game.

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  • Mai Is Me


    May 29, 2012 by Mai Is Me

    Hi, I was editing the species pages and I was wondering what style I'm saposed to use. I found three;

    • Style one 
    • Style two
    • Style three

    So I'm not really sure who to ask... If anyone wants to give their opinion I'll make a poll;

    Or maybe I should ask an admin? Sorry -_-

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