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September 26, 2013
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  • Marii5962

    Well folks, they read a little unclear but my oh my are we surprsied?! I, Mary, have decided to attempt to make a weekend comeback! That is to say, weekends are now going wikia weekends for me. With school I have been UNDENIABLY busy, but with my little break being over I'm definitely ready to come back. Truth be told... I haven't played Animal Crossing since I left... I guess I should really get back on that eh? This may be the "New Year New Me" smacking me in the face right now, but its good to be back... and I've missed all of you. If you don't know me, please reach out and talk to me. I'd love to catch up with just about everyone at the moment :) So ummm.. yeah. Get ready cause..  I'm back ;) xoxo. 

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  • Marii5962

    Killer Heartbreak

    August 1, 2014 by Marii5962

    Here's a story that I had to write back in the Fall of 2013. Its one of my favorites because of its rare balance between love and anger. As a fair warning, this is a very darkly written peice, so if your queazy when it comes to murder and blood, don't read it. Hehe, if you end up reading the whole thing, I hope you enjoy it! 

    Killer Heartbreak

    The white walls were splattered with her blood and slowly dripped down, mimicking the appearance of bloody tears. The bed sheets were messy, stained a shade of red, and had a large indentation in the center. On the floor there was a body that was lifeless as the red rose petals crushed underneath the weight of the woman.


                As Miss Fantome opened the door, the patient didn’t take her …

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  • Marii5962

    In the Hallway

    July 3, 2014 by Marii5962

    Deep shelves are embedded into the wall, which supports the gold plaques. These awards sit there gathering layers of dust, but will never be forgotten. Backpacks are shoved into stained, wooden cubbies that are already erupting with textbooks, shoes, and papers marked with nefarious red ink. Scarred from the Battle of Room 3215, the homework lay sprawled along the cold, lifeless bench. Brownish, maroon lockers are stationed along the left side of the hallway, staring down at the grotesque, tiled floor. Each of the tiles were sparkling in the bginning of the semester, but that is all a memory; a memory beneath layers of food that has stained them for eternity. A crazed woman acts out Shakespeare's play, breaking the serene silence with her …

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  • Marii5962

    Fitting In

    May 16, 2014 by Marii5962

           As my time as high schooler comes to an end, it has become more apparent to me that the idea of fitting in is a key component to life. Though it is more prominent in high school, I have come to the conclusion that we all have this pressing desire to be accepted. There is nothing wrong that-- heck its a natural feeling-- but at the same time its bad when it starts to cloud the way you live. 

           As I sit in the hallway at school, I can see the cliques form right in front of me. The jocks, with their low hanging pants, fresh polos, nike socks, and Jordans, slowly malinger to class. Some have their hats on backwards while others barely flick their hoodies above their spiked hair. Their backpacks hang low on the their backs, while one…

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  • Marii5962

    So much for blogging everyday right? To be quite honest, today has been very long and tiresome-- and I ain't just talking about school. I get home from work, get on chat, and BAM-- more drama. I haven't been here long, but its never been like this before. Today was complete chaos, everyone was upset, and my mind was sent reeling because everything was SO out of control. What do you do in these type of situations? Do you help? Do you sit back and watch? Do you take sides? Do you throw in your own opinion? It is when the stakes are high that my opinion is drowned out the most. Its like the angel on your right shoulder whispering, "no, don't say that mean thing." but on your other shoulder is this monstrosity of an imbecile saying "DOWN WITH …

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