Deep shelves are embedded into the wall, which supports the gold plaques. These awards sit there gathering layers of dust, but will never be forgotten. Backpacks are shoved into stained, wooden cubbies that are already erupting with textbooks, shoes, and papers marked with nefarious red ink. Scarred from the Battle of Room 3215, the homework lay sprawled along the cold, lifeless bench. Brownish, maroon lockers are stationed along the left side of the hallway, staring down at the grotesque, tiled floor. Each of the tiles were sparkling in the bginning of the semester, but that is all a memory; a memory beneath layers of food that has stained them for eternity. A crazed woman acts out Shakespeare's play, breaking the serene silence with her shrill overtones. Along the gloomy halls are coats clinging on to each other for dear life-- fighting for the holy touch of the brass hook before them. 

Editors Note:

    Hey guys, so I'm back with more writing pieces now that I have my new editing computer. "In the Hallway" is a snipet from a day I had back in my freshman year of high school. I hope you enjoy it :) I have a couple more stories and descriptions that I'll be posting within the next couple weeks, so be sure to come check them out when they're published. Thanks! Mary talk)