This Blog will be for Greek and Roman gods of wikia. There will be gods you can vote for as someone you would think would be good as that god. I will keep expanding this but for now I will just do the Major gods. Message me a god that you want on for this blog.Thats it! And please be nice. List at least 2 people.

Greek:                  Roman:

Aphrodite           Venus

Apollo                 Apollo  (There can be 2 different Apollo but ones Roman and the other is Greek)    

Ares                    Mars

Artemis              Diana   

Athena               Minerva

Demeter             Ceres

Dionysus           Bacchus

Hades                Pluto

Hephaestus      Vulcan

Hera                   Juno

Hermes             Mercury

Hestia               Vesta

Poseidon         Neptune    

Zeus                 Jupiter