I've been hit with a swift kick in the rear. It's finally dawned on me that this wiki is slowly going in-active. I should've anticipated this, what with all the talk about moving, but somehow, I didn't expect it. Sad how these sort of things happen. However, I have no intention to leave, no sir. I've had much too much fun here to leave. However, it will be hard to carry on without my fellow users. Now leave if you must, but be sure to visit your dear old, Minifig-me. Perhaps I'll be able to catch up to Mr. Alpaca, or at least pass Mr. Dragonfree. I've already passed Mr. Merry, who I shall always respect for his lack of blog edits, and his many MS edits. I'll miss all of the users, and just as many other users have left, you must too. So, before you go, take the time to see the users who have left before you:

The list of the forgotten

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