Competition 002: Of All Insanity!

Welcome! Welcome to competition 002. In this competition, you must tell me the craziest thing that's ever happened to you. This can be an event that has happened in Animal Crossing, real life, another video game, or other, as long as you didn't make the story up. I will decide which entry was the most insane, after a period of one week.

Judge: Me (Minifig-me)

You may submit multiple entries.

Offical rules are as follows:

Competition 002 is to decide the most insane thing that has ever happenened in your life, Animal Crossing, or other platform media. The event cannot be of a fictious event. Multiple entries may be submitted. All similarities toward your entry and another person's entry is completely coincidental if not otherwise, lying. The judge is not allowed to make an entry in his own contest. At the date of July 14 2010, the winner is to be chosen based on hilarious-ness, insanity, and strangness, curiousness, etc. Contest end date is subject to change, with or without notice. Thank you.

  • Copyright Minifig-me, 2010