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Minifig-me October 17, 2010 User blog:Minifig-me

I would like to know the "origins" of everyone's User-names. In other words, why did you name yourself so-and-so. I'll start with my own:

Most people think it's beacause of my love for legos. That is only half true.

First off, the mini part of Minifig-me stands for how small I am.

Me stands for Megatron Evil. It originally stood for Mildly Epic, but that's changed.

"fig-" has no meaning what-so-ever.

Plus, Minifig-me is loosely translated as VFD through Strained-Pottamoos. This is beacause of my passion for Lemony Snicket.

Plus, in Sybie, g-me stands for L.F.

How about you?

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