Disclaimer: This is a Fanmade Creepypasta

The Pasta

It was 6:55 AM in the morning.

And i went to Target with my dad to buy some groceries. I was going to get an apple, until I found a strange version of Animal Crossing New Leaf With a homemade game cover drawn with a green Sharpie. So i went to see the manager about this game, and he warned me about the game being cursed by a restless spirit. but i ignored that and went ahead and keep it, buy some groceries, and check out.

7:68 AM

I was bored, so i decided to play the game. I inserted the game disk into my 3DSXL. And i noticed the title on the top is not normal; it has Isabelle with black holes for eyes and no mouth. Running backwards without the audio, I was confused when i saw it like somebody is stalking. So i started playing it anyways. The 3DS logo appeared like it normally does, but Isabelle was missing. After 50 seconds. Both screens are flashing Isabelle (Exactly like she was in the top when i inserted the disk) hanging on a Gallow over-and-over playing the scream from Suicidemouse.avi for 30 seconds. And I got scared from it.And then the Title screen appeared: But the logo is black and white, the theme is distorted and playing revesed slowley, and it shows a footage of a train crash instead of a villager walking around nearby his/her house. Then i slowley tapped A incase another jumpscare will appear. And then a bubble Popped up showing one option: New Save File. And then i pressed, and then it skipped the Train part were you meet Rover. And then thhis is when things get Extremley Frightful!

When my villager got out of the train, My villager Looks like a Female burn victim With Purple hair and Eyes Familiar to Sonic.exe With the lack of blood. and when she went to the part were the villlagers welcomes her, there are dead bodies (Which appears to be Bluebear, Zell, Mira and Static) with Isabelle being the only one standing. And then Isaelle said "Welcome to Heck!" In a Distorted Voice (which sounds like a real female chocking)