• Neko Katsume

    What is amiibo festival? If you want to learn more go HERE.

    Amiibo Festival is a made by Nitendo on the Wii U, it had low reviews.

    %36.60 on Gamerankings, 40/100 on Metacritic.

    Here are some reasons why people hate playing it.

    • Its repetitive and boring for people whenever they play the board game because the player need to tap their amiibo when they have to get a turn to roll your dice, and theres not much competition, another thing here is the dialogue which can repeat over and over.
    • It was made for a cash grab.
    • If the player had no amiibos, they can't be able to play. However it comes with 3 amiibo cards with Rosie , Goldie and Stitches.
    • Some people didn't want to buy the Wii U because its expensive.

    Here are some reasons why some people like pl…

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  • Neko Katsume

    Added a link to most item photos.

    It has lots of items from the catalog with photos.

    Url: Here

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