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The 164th Animal Games ( Day 1 )

Nookly March 15, 2014 User blog:Nookly

( Cube's Point of view. District 4 )   As I waddled toard the reapings I thought, Why would I be chosen? Well I sat and thought and then i relised my friend Aurora was reaped. I was heartbroken. I knew she wouldnt make it out of that arena, God damn i almost shouted! Then Lucky Was reaped. I dont trust him in a arena filled with 23 people fighting to there death so I replaced him with me. I waddled up to the stage and Timmy Asked what was my name, I said It was Cube. Then we shook hands and walked into the capital building. The first visitor was Lucky. He said thank you about as high as I could count. I just nodded my head like I understood everything he said. Then Me and Aurora Hopped onto the train and went off to the capital.                                 ( Chrissy's Point of view. District 7)  As me and Elvis walked toards the exit of the train we were in shock! Everyone was stairing at me. I thought i had somthing on my face. Not rembering im in the Animal Games.     Elvis seemed to enjoy being in the spotlight for once. I told him to enjoy it while it lasted.                                   (Kid Cat's Point Of View District 11) As I walked to my room I wondered if my claws could scratch someone    with my nails. I Ended up going to bed and Hardly waking up.  The next day was rough, Expisally For Cube and his district Partner. I Noticed Chester being really good with the fire and shelter making so i considered that and  posibitally asking him to be my allie, along with his district partner, Cube And Aurora, And Apple. I could not wait for the games to start.

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