My name is Orion001, in real life I am called Adam, on offical documents I am James.  But on my 3DS I like creating characters and I feel bad about the fact I hide behind a different gender.  I know I am a boy but my character is a girl.  The thing is I am happy being a boy.  I just really wanted to have a sister in my life.  In real life I have two younger brothers.  Every girl that enter my life seems to disappear.  I guess I feel like just having moms, cousins and aunts are not enough to replace that missing spot in my life.  My created characters all still have all of my personality into them.  And I never will forget what my mom taught us to be gentlemen to the ladies.  I am still kind, polite, and generous, but still have a anger street longer than Yonge Street.  I guess helping people is my favourite thing to do.  All of this equal to my characters I create.  I have been "winked" at.  I mean he tryed to hit on me.  All I remember was the stuff I seen other girls do with boys who they do not like.  I responded with the words "Not interested.".  I guess what I am saying is when you meet a my Mii character or a virtual version of me she will always have my male personality.