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UPDATE: Hello all, I have encountered mainly, all the people I wanted. I also saw Rosie; poor her stuck with the villagers that are all ugly, but I thought she was too girly. So I resetted the town and got a town with Dotty and Mitzi! I also met a dog who is exceptional. Question for all: Should I go and find Rosie again? It took me probably close to 2-3 hours to get her I believe.

So uh, haha... Hi everybody I know I haven't really fully introduce myself to many of you. I have been looking here for quite a loong time and only made 6 edits.

So! I got New Leaf for Christmas last year, and I keep reseting my town to get the villagers I want. I got one of my villagers Pippy, but ugly creatures keep moving in one after another when I think it's time for an animal friend to leave. I want only Gabi, Dotty, Mint, Mitzi, and Rosie. Is there a way for me to get them? I heard of this tt thing. But what is it, what does it do, and how do I do it exactly?

Thanks for giving me your time and support in reading this first blog post of mine. I really appreciate it.

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