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  • PokeFan10025

    Herro. Sorry for the late Guide. So today I would be showing you how to become expert lady gardeners (no offence to you, lads). LETS GET RIGHT INTO IT!

    First, you need flowers and trees. Make sure you buy flowers from Tom Nook's store and plant it around the place, that way you are able to green the town a bit more, and having the trees allow fresh air and oxegen to pass through the town, not that you really need oxegen in Animal Crossing..

    Second of all, water the plants. Leaving it to rot away and die only allows green to disappear like a girl's virgi... Umm, sorry for the inaproppiate joke that I was about to crack. ANYWAY, watering plants and if you want, trees will keep the flowers alive! (the tree is alive forever). 

    Second of all, keep…

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  • PokeFan10025

    Hey guys, PokeFan10025 here. In this part, I shall be talking about making those designs for umbrellas, shirts and hats. Please note that I won't be covering any other update if there is any in any future AC games (in this topic), as I do not have any other AC game. Anyway, let's get started.

    This topic/guide will be rather short, as it does not include many effort. However, I would be showing just some fashion designs and tips if you are going to be designing in the future. First of all, if you are beginning in the designing-community, make sure you start off with a basic design. If you do, you will sucessfully improve in the design in the future if done well. You do not have to keep updating the original idea - you can make new designs - …

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  • PokeFan10025

    Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyyooyoyoyoyoyyoyooyoyyooyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyoyooyoyoyo people!. In this part, we would be talking about tips on catching bugs, including Scorpions. I would be seperating this to seperate 'types' of bugs, so please 'bear' with me. (Today I feel like writing random puns. Sorry)

    To start off this list, we would be talking about tree bugs!. These type of bugs include beetles, Cockroaches, and more. To catch them is quite easy, as they are in one place, but one mess up and they may be scared away. These type of bugs - in my opinion - are the easiest type of bug to catch. All you need is accruacy, and you are all set.

    Next is Air Bugs. These bugs are mostly butterflies, flies and moths. They also include Dragonflies. These ty…

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  • PokeFan10025

    Hey Guys of the Animal Crossing Kingdom, I am PokeFan10025. In this part, I would be showing you how to catch a fish like a boss. Mind you, what I am gonna show in this guide is how I do it in the actual game, so you have to get used to it if you really wanna help yourself fish. Now that's out of the way, lets do this!.

    Step one, make sure the fish sees the bait. This, right here, are the basic step in fishing, but it is also very important. Having bait behind the fish will not get the fish, unless the fish does an dramatic turn and saw the bait, in which pretty impressive... Anyway, next step.

    Keep your eye on the bait. It gets real intense when the fish hits the bait, goes back, hits the bait, goes back. This is where your eyes get handy, …

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  • PokeFan10025

    Hi guys, this is PART 2 of my guide in Wild World. In this part, I would be showing you how to obtain villagers in your town's picture. Let's get started. Oh yeah, if you wanna go to the page that has information about getting villager's pictures, click here ---> Picture (P.S: That page was edited and created by another user, not me.)

    Lets start. So, let's say Moe is in your town, and you really want his amazing picture. But you then wonder "Wait o minute. How do I get their picture?!" well, don't worry, I am here to save your day. 

    Step one, talk to that villager. Talking to a villager slightly increases that villager's friendship with you. If you want to boost it up a bit, then send them letters with presents attached to it. Try to send th…

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