Hi guys, welcome to my very first guide. In this guide, I would be showing you how to be quite rich in Wild World. This is based on experiance and is MY way on getting rich. I do not have any secrets, this guide is just the usual catch a bug, sell it, blah blah blah process - with some bits and pieces included. So, let's start.

Make sure every day you try to get Money Rocks. If you do not know what Money Rocks are, click here the arrow is pointing ----> Money Rock

Make sure you catch bugs, fishes and get fossils. When fishing, if you're in the Summer, try to get those sharks!. Further information about sharks, like where you get them and what time you get them: Finned-fish Group

Make sure you shake bells off trees. Though if you a bell acutally drop from the trees down to your toes, it's only 100 bells, but still... Only do this if you are a newcomer to AC and are desperate for bells P.S: if you don't know what bells are, click here ---> Bells

Make sure you combine the invertory a bit. Lets say your pockets are full of Red Snapper, and you find a bug that worths a little more, get that and release the Red Snapper. Imo, only mix your pockets with your town's fruit if your pocket are full of small-selling priced bugs & fish. 

If your pockets so far has: Sharks, Red Snappers and Sea Bass, if you have slots left, get seashells or your town's fruit to fill in the slots. That's what I do anyway, if I keep finding little-earning fishes and bugs.

Save your bells!. Store them in your 'bank account' by talking to Pelly/Phyllis (Depending on the time of the town) on the Red Mat (the one with the mail on it) and talk to whoever is there. Then go to 'Access Acount' and then press on the Save Bells if you want to save your bells, or the other option to take some bells out of there. I highly recommand this if you are a heavy bells-user, as you will get bells right there if you run out, and you can store it once you run out. 

Do tasks for villagers. When you talk to them, and they want to send a letter to another villager (e.g: Moe asks you to deliver a letter to Opal), accpet it. It is possible they will give you funiture, or if you're lucky, bells! (though it's normally - for me at least - 500 bells). If you are new to this, please click on this link ---> Favors

By the way, this is Part 1 to my guide of Wild World. I will be doing Seperate Parts for seperate things in Wild World. Next is prob obtaining a villager's picture. Stay tune for that!. Anyway, I hope this helps you at least slightly, if not, sorry!. And like usual,

PokeFan10025 Signing Out! ~