Hi guys, this is PART 2 of my guide in Wild World. In this part, I would be showing you how to obtain villagers in your town's picture. Let's get started. Oh yeah, if you wanna go to the page that has information about getting villager's pictures, click here ---> Picture (P.S: That page was edited and created by another user, not me.)

Lets start. So, let's say Moe is in your town, and you really want his amazing picture. But you then wonder "Wait o minute. How do I get their picture?!" well, don't worry, I am here to save your day. 

Step one, talk to that villager. Talking to a villager slightly increases that villager's friendship with you. If you want to boost it up a bit, then send them letters with presents attached to it. Try to send them presents that they really need, like for an e.g: Bunnie LOVES Pink Funiture, so if you find Pink Funiture at Tom Nook's Shop, buy it & send it to them. You can also do tasks for them (for information about the tasks, go to my previous blog: Rich in Wild World)

Anyway, next step is to continue this process. Talk to them regulary, give them stuff regulary, help them regulary. In which one day, when they have a SHOUTING MARK (!) on top of their heads, talk to them, don't run off. When you talk to them, it is quite possible for them to give you their picture, if not, keep talking, sending and helping. 


You will obtain a villager's picture once you and that villager's friendship reaches to the max. On the back of the picture, there would be unique quotes for each picture, as well as the villager in the front of the pic. Also, if you're bored in Wild World one day, you can try to get every villager's picture in your town for your own entertainment purposes, though that will take a few months. Also, I don't know if this is a glitch or anything, cause this - for the most of the time - happens to me, once you get their picture, it is quite possible that the next day they will move out. 

Anyway, that is it for my second part of my guide in Wild World. Next part, we would be talking about Catching Fish!. Nay?! YAY!. And of course, as usual...

PokeFan10025 Signing Out! ~