Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyyooyoyoyoyoyyoyooyoyyooyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyoyooyoyoyo people!. In this part, we would be talking about tips on catching bugs, including Scorpions. I would be seperating this to seperate 'types' of bugs, so please 'bear' with me. (Today I feel like writing random puns. Sorry)

To start off this list, we would be talking about tree bugs!. These type of bugs include beetles, Cockroaches, and more. To catch them is quite easy, as they are in one place, but one mess up and they may be scared away. These type of bugs - in my opinion - are the easiest type of bug to catch. All you need is accruacy, and you are all set.

Next is Air Bugs. These bugs are mostly butterflies, flies and moths. They also include Dragonflies. These types of bugs are slightly harder, as they can fly away, or fly directly at you. What you need to catch bugs in this state are accruacy - big time. Without accuracy, you would be scaring the ants because they think you're a crazy lunatic trying to destory the ground. And nobody, and I mean NOBODY (Not even Static) wants that.

Finally, we have the GROUND BUGS. These bugs includes Pill Bugs, Scorpions and Tarantula. These types of bugs are slightly harder, mostly because the popular ground bugs, the Scorpion and Tarantula may hurt you, in which you black out and appear okay again in front of your house. Pill Bugs are a tiny bit easier, as they do not harm you. But don't step on them! if you do they dramatically fly into thin air.

If I missed any types of bugs, please comment below. Also, my next guide are about... Gussed it yet? No? Yes? Well, for those who haven't, it is DESIGNING PATTERNS at the Able Sisters store. For this, I focus in Wild World, as this is a Wild World Guide, so if there are any additions in the newer games, I would not be reviewing that. Anyway, as we all know...

PokeFan10025 ~ Signing out!