Hey guys, PokeFan10025 here. In this part, I shall be talking about making those designs for umbrellas, shirts and hats. Please note that I won't be covering any other update if there is any in any future AC games (in this topic), as I do not have any other AC game. Anyway, let's get started.

This topic/guide will be rather short, as it does not include many effort. However, I would be showing just some fashion designs and tips if you are going to be designing in the future. First of all, if you are beginning in the designing-community, make sure you start off with a basic design. If you do, you will sucessfully improve in the design in the future if done well. You do not have to keep updating the original idea - you can make new designs - but I recommend for you to keep updating the basic idea until you get the hang out of designing.

Second of all, you must slowly get clever and clever with the designing. You cannot continue being sucessful if you stick to the same option - for most things at least - so make sure you think of new designing ideas while traveling the designing path. It could be as simple as a weed, a flower or a tree that randomly appeared in your town one day. 

And final step, keep going. You may have breaks during traveling the designing path, but make sure you return oftenly so you can keep updating your designing skills. Mind you, you can quit at ANY TIME! I'm not forcing you to do designing. Oh yeah, also mind this; sometimes talking to a villager that has your design on it will lead to the topic being your design, in which they share their opinion on your design - which is either: It's good and You have a good taste on design (Good) , or It's dreadful and I should of checked the designer before buying the shirt (Bad). 

So anyway, thanks for reading my guide as always. Next guide is, uhh.. Well, that's the problem. This time I need your help to try to help me with a new topic. Write in the comments below about suggestions for my next guide. Mind you, it cannot be the same topic as my previous guides. For the topics about my previous guides, please read the title of the guide, and if you still don't understand, read some of the guide. So anyway, thanks again for reading and as always...

PokeFan10025 ~ Signing Out!