Herro. Sorry for the late Guide. So today I would be showing you how to become expert lady gardeners (no offence to you, lads). LETS GET RIGHT INTO IT!

First, you need flowers and trees. Make sure you buy flowers from Tom Nook's store and plant it around the place, that way you are able to green the town a bit more, and having the trees allow fresh air and oxegen to pass through the town, not that you really need oxegen in Animal Crossing..

Second of all, water the plants. Leaving it to rot away and die only allows green to disappear like a girl's virgi... Umm, sorry for the inaproppiate joke that I was about to crack. ANYWAY, watering plants and if you want, trees will keep the flowers alive! (the tree is alive forever). 

Second of all, keep with the flowers and trees. I mean, don't go overload with the trees and flowers, because if you do you cannot go anywhere, and you also will end up killing mutiple flowers without noticing 'cause you're running like "MY COUNTRY NEEDS ME!" even though you are in a fake world or town that doesn't even exist in the world. 

Yeah, that's it. I think. Oh well, nobody comments anyway - or nobody reads this anyway too. Oh well, maybe like... One person? thats it. Anyway, that's all for today!. And as you know..