NOTE: This blog applies to New Leaf! It may or may not apply to other games in the series.

This is just all you'll need to be a great new mayor of a cozy new town in the games, New Leaf, released in June 2013. It hasn't got complicated rules - just the basics.

Part 1: Arriving in Town!

Now, don't start talking all willy-nilly to Rover, the cat on the train - the questions he asks will determine what you look like at the start of the game! (Note - You can change all these factors EXCEPT your eyes later in the game, so really the only thing that matters are your eyes), Answer the questions as you would in real life.. and step forth, to New Leaf! OK, at this point this differs between Mayors (the first person to set a character up) and Residents (The next 3 to register).

Mayors Exclusive Decisions

Rover, after asking your name will ask for the town name - as with most naming options, this cannot be changed later! Then, after that, he will show you the map of the town. If you don't like the layout, press 'no' or whatever. There are 4 maps, randomly selected out of many for you, and after the 4th 'no' it will repeat.

  • end of Mayor Exclusive*

You will arrive in town. If you're the mayor, you will leave the station without any hassle. Yet...

As a resident, Porter will guide you to the Town Hall and will hand you a map.

Mayors, instead will be greeted by 3 of their 5 initial Villagers and a dog