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Hey there, dudes, dudettes, and other stuff. This is a newspaper thing that's not a newspaper but is one....




It's a blog that's kinda like a newspaper but it's more... weird. And it's also really caring for it's readers. Unlike most shitty newspapers that don't give a damn about the readers - that's right - you suggest articles, different things, send questions and random stuff in, and more! Here's a list of pre-installed segments. 

Junk Mail: You just send stuff you've been upto, jokes, or possibly a quote. 

Animal Theatre: Just make a mini-movie. Maybe you'll be featured. 

Ask Psaro: ...If you haven't figured this one out... I worry about you.

The Flea Market: It's where you comment for ideas for a new segment!

To suggest a new segment or to contribute to an existing one, comment in that comment thing! Thanks! Bye! etc.

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