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Can Someone Help Me?

Hello. My name is RandomDude101. I joined back in December. However, that isn't important. I probably won't be helping much, anyways. Okay, time to get to the point. Can someone get me a picture of Wolfgang? GIMP wouldn't let me put a gradient background on the one that is on his article on here. So...... yeah. I don't mind if it's just a random screenshot, either. I can get rid of everything else, anyways. I just need to see his entire face and a bit of his shirt. I'd do this myself, but there are two reasons why I can't:

  1. I don't have Wolfgang in my town. Ohmy.gif I wish I did. He's my favorite villager.
  2. My SD Card won't fit into my computer. >_>

I'd appreciate anyone's help very much. Yesyes.gif

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