5th grade is diffrent in my school. You get boyfriends. Kids walk to and from school by themselves. Kids get arrested. I'm posting this to show you what's wrong with P.S. 69 of Staen Island. It's also raining on my animal crossing city folk right now.

My school's rules. I'm only in the 5th grade so stare in awe at this. Chrissy 2

1. By first grade you have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

2.Be really good at kickball if you wannna play kickbal.

3.Always have a silly band. No zanybandz.

4. Wear the best clothes from Hollister and Aero Postale

5. Stay away from Stephanie Gonzalez. She got arrested.

6.Never use the lunch room bathrooms. You don't wanna know why.

And those are the rules to P.S. 69! Please leave me a message or comment on these. This is all true.

These are things NOT to do.

1. Do not wear ZanyBandz.


3. Never, ever, get Mrs.Sweet as a 5th grade teacher.(I've got her :( *sniff*)

4. Don't use the lunch bathrooms because no one flushes except for me.

5. Don't put water bottles on your desk if your in Mrs.Sweets class. She will yell at you for that.

6. Don't go to P.S. 69. Peanut