OK, so things are getting complicated again...

Aeryka: I know you started this wiki, but you've only been around again for a few days, after leaving the wiki for a very long time. In that time, a community developed here, and it's not right for you to expect to be in charge here instead of them.

But... of course... several members of that community have also left, which makes things a bit more complicated.

But I think what's clearest is that Minifig-me has said that they are staying, and that they have been a frequent editor and good admin for quite a while now.

So, the question I have is who should have admin and bureaucrat rights on this wiki? I'm going to restore Minifig-me's admin flag now, and remove all other admin and bureaucrat flags until this is sorted out.

This page should be for discussions on who should have those rights back -- which is a decision for Minifig-me and any other regular editors who are going to continue to edit here.