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Sannse November 16, 2010 User blog:Sannse

Hey guys, sorry to see that some of you are moving on... and it's great to hear some of you have decided to stay :)

One of the things we ask when a wiki splits, is that you don't advertise the new wiki on this wiki's main page. It's OK to link to a discussion about the move, but not OK to link directly from the main page to the new wiki. The message should also make it clear that moving is a choice, and that anyone who wants to can stay here.

I'll change the main page now, to fit that - but that means that there will be fewer news items than usual... anyone got some good ones to add instead? (how about adding that Minifig-me got to 4500 edits? :)

I love the theme you've added here by the way, especially the idea of it changing with the seasons - cool stuff!

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