So, those of you who care (opposed to those who forgot I existed) have probably been wondering where on God's green earth I've been... Anybody? No? Fine, jeez.

At the time being, I am nestled in a chair in a trailer in south Texas. So there. I've been on the road. In Canada. And Montana. And Idaho. And on a plane from Seattle to San Antonio. And now I get to spend time with my erratic, loving mother. Who is, at this moment, working at Subway. Where she is the manager.

I am currently not sleeping at 7:30 am. Which is odd, because I am usually asleep, or falling asleep, at 7:30 am. And waking up at noon. In the summer, this is my schedule, as that is how my body shapes itself around my electronic entertainment agenda (as follows):

  1. From ten o'clock p.m. to three o'clock a.m., I am watching The Nanny on nick@nite. And yes, I stay up to watch The Nanny.
  1. From three o'clock to four o'clock, I wiki.
  1. From four o'clock to six o'clock, I facebook.
  1. From six to seven, I play whatever on my DS.
  1. At seven o'clock, everything is turned off and I go to sleep.

Of course, today my schedule went like this:

  1. From ten o'clock p.m. to seven o'clock a.m., play Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Yes, I know. There is only one thing on this list. But I hadn't bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet, and my mom had, so I'm going gaga for it. I'll get over it in a week or two, after I beat the game (hehe).

So, back to the point (being my disappearance), I have been travelling. And otherwise occupied. But I'M BACK.

Oh, and Dotty moved out of De Lana. Just saying.