Melba gave me her pic today... about twenty minutes ago. Recently, I've been keeping photos that my neighbors give me... So I decided to make my modern-themed room into my picture gallery. So far, I only have Dora, Apollo, Melba, and K.K. though... I still need Drift's, Stitches', Eloise's... I already got Dotty's, but I got rid of it, because it was before I decided to start collecting them... And I don't WANT Pompom's... Walker was gonna give me his a few weeks back, but my POCKETS WERE FULL >.<

He still hasn't tried to give it to me again.

I also still need Pelly's, Phyllis'... And Nook's... Hmm

Well, I'd better get to work. I'm gonna see if I can get Emily to trade me Big Top's photo for some cash... We keep trading him back and forth, and I got rid of his picture too... She hasn't gotten it yet, and I think I can convince her to give me it when he gives it to her...

I've gotten rid of a lot of pics I wish I'd kept... Tangy... Punchy... Deena... Ribbot...


Ugh. This is infuriating. Does anyone have Frobert's pic, and how much do you want for it???

sHeLbYrAiNe 05:46, June 23, 2010 (UTC)