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Hello there... :)

Um... Hello... This is my first time having an account on Wikia, and I'm kinda new to all this... :) I'm not to sure were to start but here is some stuff about me and Animal Crossing...

~I love fishing in Animal Crossing and know stuff about the fish. So I may try to get in the Fish Artical List...

~I know alot about some of the villagers becuase I talk to them alot and become their "BFF's" as the peppy ones call me X3 And I can befriend the Snooty and Grumpy/Cranky villagers...

~I have both WW and CF!! \(^o^)/

~I like writing Articles :3 I have many ideas to help out ACC!!

So here is my first Blog... I think it's... ok... ^_^"

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