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  • Snow Puppi

    Snow Puppi here, and I'd like to have a poll. Which is better: Wild World or New Leaf?

    Put your answer below and you could win a prize!

    Wild World?

    New Leaf?

    Or do you prefer a different Nintendo game?

    Have fun!

    ~Snow Puppi

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  • Snow Puppi

    Hey everyone, Snow here. I have bad news - TPG (The Puppi Games) is being discontinued. I cannot host them any longer. Thanks for the participation. You guys are the best!

    Anyone who had signed up may no longer worry about them. I may do something in the future, but for now, it's more than I can take.

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  • Snow Puppi

    It's Snow Puppi here! I'm going to be hosting a series of games for you all to participate in for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! There will be Battles, races, and best of all, PRIZES!!! I'm sure you're wondering, "OMG! I TOTALLY WANT TO GO TO THIS!!!! BUT SNOW, HOW DO WE JOIN?!?!?!?" (Okay, you're probably not going to think that.) Welp, here's how:

    First, you'll need to comment below for the entry. I'm going to have 9 slots. For games, I will summon 3 people, and they will battle until there is one winner. Then I'll call the other 2 groups until I have 3 winners for the championship. There will be 5 different games, in which everyone will compete.

    Okay, so let's talk about what the games will be. My ideas show that there will be something involving …

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