It's Snow Puppi here! I'm going to be hosting a series of games for you all to participate in for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! There will be Battles, races, and best of all, PRIZES!!! I'm sure you're wondering, "OMG! I TOTALLY WANT TO GO TO THIS!!!! BUT SNOW, HOW DO WE JOIN?!?!?!?" (Okay, you're probably not going to think that.) Welp, here's how:

First, you'll need to comment below for the entry. I'm going to have 9 slots. For games, I will summon 3 people, and they will battle until there is one winner. Then I'll call the other 2 groups until I have 3 winners for the championship. There will be 5 different games, in which everyone will compete.

Okay, so let's talk about what the games will be. My ideas show that there will be something involving fishing, finding items, hammer battles, races, and a mystery game. 

When will I have the Puppi Games? Different courses will be held throughout the weekends of March and a little bit of April. Here's a look at the dates:

  • First game: March 8-9
  • Second Game: March 15-16
  • Third game: March 22-23
  • Fourth game: March 29-30
  • Fifth game: April 5-6

Why am I not choosing week days? People have school and work, and I need time to set up each game. The times will be decided later.

So, If I want to pull this thing off, I'm going to need a lot of bells, time, donations, and HELP. Please comment below if you can help me in any way!

Let's talk about everyone is thinking about right now: PRIZES! Yes, prizes will be given out to everyone, no matter if you lose horribly or if you're the champion. Prizes may vary, from bells to furniture. Prizes are awarded to everyone, however, the better you do, the better prizes you get.

Hopefully you're pumped to play and perhaps you want to join! Please leave a comment below for entry requests. Here's a format to help. (Entries will be picked by me fairly, not by bells because some of us are rather poor)

1. AC Name and Friend Code:

2. Are you reliable and will not disrupt or break anything?:

3. Will you be respectful to other people and not be mean to them?

4. Any other useful information: <absence, stuff, etc.>

5: What is one random thing?:

To contact me, my FC is 4355-9467-2820. I'm usually on the chat during weekends and sometimes week days. My town name is Outset and my character is Peach. If you'd like to help, please just shoot me a question when I'm on the wiki chat and you can come over. Thank you very much! ~Snow (Peach) :3