Okay, I will be getting AC:NL very soon (I only recently got interested in Animal Crossing), and I came up with an idea. Why don't we exchange our friend codes? I don't know many people who play the game, and many players are the same, so that is where friend codes come in. So leave your player's name and friend code in the comments and I will add them to this blog so everyone can read it if they are short of people to show their towns to. (We all have a vain side!) And the island too! Also people have to meet certain requirements to post their friend code in the database, so those who are impatient and just want some buddies can just add their FC to the growing list.

List of friend codes and names: (NOTE: I will add them as soon as I can) 

One may choose to leave a message about anything others should know. This message is prefered in bold.

If anyone notices a mistake in friend code or player name, please tell me.

1907-8709-7605  Player name: Grace (feel free to add me before 7/19, but notify me first :) 

3383-4945-1810 Player name: (Don't know yet but the player's username for this site is Dude1229)

4570-6904-8701 Player name: sara

4382-3268-9532 Player name: patrick

2809-8025-0870 Player name: jay

2680-9743-3720 Player name: kenz I will friend anyone and want people to switch villagers and visit with

0576-4374-8143 Player name: Zoe

3909-7596-8819 Player name: Bejey