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    First blog on this page! Alright! I'm excited!

    Well... my brother is a giant fan of Animal Crossing... and the 3Ds. He kept telling me about this new animal crossing game I think it's called "Animal Crossing: Jump out". Cute name... I get it. But what I don't get is what the heck did they do to the charecters?!?!?!? I get that they wanted a more human-looking charecter and surrounding. But this is just going to far. the scenery is ok but that person... those humans... Where are the other humans, to? If you want to make a drastic change to them, make the bodies look like the animals you already had or at least add more humans.

    Also, you can be mayor.

    Hu? What game is this? What happened to the turrtle dude we all know and (kinda) love. The one c…

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