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aka Stoble

Chat moderator
  • I live in Ohio (kill me).
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is vgm transcriber/arranger.
  • I am going to invade this wiki.
  • Static the Squirrel

    Hello, everyone, it's me. I'd like to inform all of you that I will be temporarily taking a break from all wikis . I don't have a very flexible schedule and I really won't have the time to be on here every day. I will still stop to say hi every now and then and I'll check my message wall every so often, but I'm not gonna be on here that much until next summer.

    It's been a pleasure working and chatting with you guys this summer.

    S t a t i c THE sbnᴉɹɹǝl | Talk 11:10, August 25, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Static the Squirrel

    Well, this news is bad news, krzzt. At least for most of us. I'm not leaving the wiki; I'm merely taking a break. A break of many months. Hey, don't be gettin' all teary-eyed, krzzt! There's more. I'll try to check up and edit here and there when I get the chance. Who knows, maybe I'll still be on every day. We'll see what happens.

    Well, uh... I guess that's it.

    Static the Squirrel (talk) 20:35, August 18, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Static the Squirrel

    As a cranky villager, do you humans think I'm an awesome squirrel? Tell me whatcha' think, krzzt.

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  • Static the Squirrel

    `Sup? As you know, the name's Static. This is my very first blog post. Every week (if I remember), I will tell you what's goin' on in Sea Town. This blog is for the GameCube Animal Crossing only!!! Nah, actually, I'll just tell ya' `bout my life in Sea Town.

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