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My AC General Knowledge

This is my version of Dragonfree's AC general knowledge thing. Also, this is to see if it can be in The Town Gate! It might be in, but we need feedback!

  1. What most wish to do to snooty villages (6, 5)
  2. A spiny asian (5)
  3. Apparently in a hole... (4)
  4. STOP THE ALARM!!! (5, 6)
  5. Would a tire count? Would he eat it? (7, 6)
  6. The letter amount could be 3 or 5, 8... (5, 8)
  7. It is mossy. (5, 6, 5)
  8. Norris (5)
  9. My parody or "Beat It" and ants (8)
  10. Pi is the suffix ending for a plural version of this word (7)
  11. wood is a possible suffix to this word (5)
  12. They are known for having bald spots in America... (5)
  13. A holiday with a she-male dancer
  14. It is a wand (6, 4)
  15. The most uncreative name and it is a sexist event. (4'1, 8)

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