My parents are (finally) going to take me to England for summer next year, if my grades are good. The only reason they were not good is because my school had to buy Blackberry's and so they decided not to have teachers. Instead, they hired a drug dealer as a science teacher and a guidence counsoler for something unknown. But there are 2 parts of the trip.

Part 1: Tour Stops

I will go to Stone Hedge and see it from the highway and some cliff thing. I will also stay in a castle and in London.

Part 2: Stalking

I will stalk people I know who live in England (i.e. Merryton, Dragonfree, Yowuza, etc.). I also am planing on driving from Chester Zoo to Simon Woods house ten miles from the coast shouting "DRAGONFREE". I have much info on him, but it would really help if you just told me more info, Dragonfree. Like a last name, town name, or something like that. Really! It is just hard to stalk people nowadays!

That is my trip in a nutshell, but we will see about it in a year! Dragonfree, really.