I get why you changed what you did, but you are ABSOLUTE MORONS!!!! Do you not understand that YOU JUST F****d up Wikia? People actually liked the company until you dumba***s decided to f**k up the company. Why would you not listen to YOUR CUSTOMERS?! You just had to screw everything up. And then, you say we cannot tell about the move on the front page? What kind of joke is that? You need to get a f*****g clue about a boatload of things. You think you are in anyway helping Wikia? Really, if you do, you are a moron. You cannot do this and expect things to be okay. You are lucky that this is so short, and just remember that you are f*****g morons! Sannse, I do not care what you say about the main page, and we did not decide to split. And just so you know, most of our users are under 12 (Minifig-me) and we are moving to get away from your lazy-a*s attitude. I am censoring this so I can give the exact wording I used to the company. And just so you know, I would go to your local daycare and pick up a new one-year-old CEO of Wikia, because I am sure they would do a hell of a lot better job than you. You may not even read this, with all the other hate mail you are getting, but you just- I cannot even describe the hatred that I share towards you, and I am sure others feel the same.

Wikia is screwed. Remember that. -SuperAplaca (SA)