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New Game for mua

I would like to inform everyone that I am resigning from being an admin...

APRIL FOOLS. I know it was lame, late, and badly done, but I still tried.

The real reason that I am making this blog post is to:

Inform you people who care that I could be getting Dobutsu no Mori e+ (Animal Crossing for japan). I hope that I will be able to use the knowledge to help and improve the wiki. Also, I will be here for some time... I will not leave the wiki in its current state (It was worse when I got here...)


Since I posted this very recently, I will add it on to this (duh, otherwise it would be on a different post). Anyways, to the point. I just caught a Tuna. Now only a few (3) left until I get the Golden Fishing Rod!!!!!

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