This blog will be ever changing. As you will know if you read my userpage, I am writing a novel (one for boys for once!) about this school year. This will be a collection of my stories. Some may be personal, so don't judge!!!!!

Kindness Counts

  • Week 1-3: Remedial Crap
  • 'How was your day.' 'Worse because I have to see you.'
  • Devil from Hell

UPDATE- 02:45, May 5, 2010 (UTC)

First few paragraphs:

The war-torn path stood in font, with the prisoners and the corpses and the lucky first victims. The path was a tough one, but in the end, few would come out alive. The ground was scattered with deadly deceased, and worse was the surprise ambush. No escape. Surviving the day was a challenge. At the end of a shift, the stress got to you.
You didn’t just come back and turn to normal. You could never go back. This was the life that was being faced. This was a path commonly taken. This Hell was a different one than the normal path. This is the path where the innocent suffer, where the guilty are deceiving devils that trick the weak minded. Only a few, the victims, can see through them- but cannot act, for when they realize, it is too late.
The path turned you into your worst dreams, the path made you your true self- the self that rarely shows even in your life. This is the kind of person that wishes for a do-over or a restart button in life. This is the kind of person that will turn suicidal or murderous. This kind of person will no longer live, but cannot enjoy a death. It is called the afterlife. They are an ill soul that cannot rest, cannot live. They wander, just wishing for their pathetic lives to end, their sorrow to unravel.

UPDATE- 19:16, May 5, 2010 (UTC)

Today: Got in trouble for drawing Zant from TP and labelled it Zant/KKK. Glued Carson's pencil to table, now I am dead meat, again.