Okay, so everyone and their mother is doing this, but I am also doing it. That sounds weird. Note this is a general list and is just the basics.

  1. Hate all teachers except the ones that hate you
  2. Fail everything
  3. Get straight F's on your report card
  4. Ware SillyBands
  5. Play a sport
  6. Act like a moron
  7. Get ISS* at least once a week
  8. Insult every loser
  9. Losers cannot fight back
  10. Take advantage of teachers
  11. Cuss at random
  12. Hump/r*** chairs
  13. Avoid Aaron Eastman, he is... unique
  14. Know everything about anyone
  15. Hate the teacher that knows everything about everyone
  16. If you are cool, video games are cool
  17. If you are not cool, video games are gay
  18. Everything is gay
  19. Males are b******, even though that is not physically possible
  20. Be stupid
  21. Beat the teacher at physical activites
  22. Do nothing during class
  23. Text people during class
  24. Hurt those that can be hurt
  25. Cuss in every sentence, even when to a teacher
  26. Sit in the back of the room

*ISS stands for In School Suspention